My name is Sandro Munda and I am a passionate software developer

Two weeks to materialize your idea...

Thank you, I received your notification and I will contact you soon to discuss about your awesome idea!

The deal

You have an awesome idea and you don't know how you can realize it...

I will implement the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your idea in two weeks. You will have a functional product: all you need to prove that your idea rocks!

The technologies

From the beginning, your product will be designed to be maintanable and scalable.

I always choose the right tools for your product. I have real experiences with many technologies. Let's discuss together what's the best for you!

The price

2 weeks: 4000 €

The next steps

After two weeks, you will have a full featured MVP of your product and all the source code I wrote. The code is hosted on a private Git repository.

Let's discuss together if you need me more than two weeks for additional work.

Any questions? Contact me at: