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I'm always aiming for excellence and productivity in everything I do. I'm an entrepreneur with a software engineer background. As the founder and CEO at Forest Admin, I spend most of my time building this new B2B product category and execute the go-to-market strategy.

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Product Manager (FR STTL EN)

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Forest Admin is hiring its first Product Manager. Apply here

Welcome to the Jungle (FR)

WTTJ video

Pourquoi personne, avant Forest, n’avait réussi à créer un backoffice universel en SaaS ?

Startup Begins (FR)

Startup begin video

Pourquoi personne, avant Forest, n’avait réussi à créer un backoffice universel en SaaS ?

The Family (EN)

The Family video

Forest Admin's pitch at TheFamily by Sandro Munda.

Le Wagon (FR)

Le Wagon video

WagonTalk avec Sandro Munda, Fondateur de Forest Admin.

FrenchWeb (FR)

French Web video

Forest Admin $3M seed round - CEO Sandro Munda's interview by Frenchweb

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Hiring is a two-way street…

Applying for a job takes a lot of work…

The Lumberjacks’ Code of Honor…

The ultimate fit guide to our Lumberjack culture…

2 Years After the No Pricing Manifesto…

2 years ago, we decided to forego our revenue and to give access to Forest for free. The reason was simple. We wanted to learn with you…

The Process Mapping Canvas…

A simple approach to mapping any of your company’s processes…

Forest Product Roadmap is now public!…

Our Product Roadmap is no longer available on Trello. But it’s still public! We’ve decided to switch to productboard…

How we won our bet and raised $3M…

As you probably already know, we at Forest, recently raised $3 million in our seed round. Connect Ventures and Xavier Niel co-led this…

Beyond the No Pricing Manifesto…

How we worked beyond the freemium model to deliver value to large teams and operational intensive businesses…

The No Pricing Manifesto…

Learning with you, not at your expense…

Why I decided to fix admin interfaces: Forest inception…

My name is Sandro Munda. I have been living in Belgium for the last 27 years. For most of my working life, I’ve been a freelance developer…

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Forest Admin – We're hiring

Forest Admin is SaaS that completely redefine the admin panel of any web application by helping companies to take control of their application data with no time wasted on internal tools developed in-house.


Not maintained anymore

A lightweight daemon that detects merge conflicts in realtime. #python #xmpp

Not maintained anymore

Client-side encrypted paste-bin. #nodejs


Not maintained anymore

Adjust the volume of your headphone based on noise in a room. #python

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JSONAPI Serializer

A Node.js framework agnostic library for serializing and deserializing JSON API data. #nodejs